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  • Jun 13 2022


Many businesses are under stress. The latest survey shows that more than 20% of small businesses from the last year have closed their shops. Almost all business owners want to do the following

    Increase Sales
    More customer-focused team
    Better productivity
    Work-Life Balance

There are many ways a business owner can achieve these targets. In the current environment, all of these are affected by the use of technology. The technology can be digitalization, marketing tools, social media marketing, better client relationship management tools, automation solutions for error-free data input, or OCR technology to capture and read documents. In our experience, the use of these technologies leads to a tremendous change in business operations. The most important change is work-life balance both for owners and employees. Imagine if you and your team are happy and work together to achieve the business goals, then you have a more productive team. One of the critical elements business owners tend to ignore is employee turnover and non-engaged employee costs.
Now the big questions are what GlobalFinFocus can do to your business. First, we are not a sales team or sales consultant. However, our services can make your team more customer-focused, increase efficiency, bring work-life balance or make them more engaged in your business. Many times business owners and/or employees are engaged in the regular tasks of transaction processing. Both of them spend much time completing these, or on the other end, they lag in completing these tasks. What we offer
1. Automation of repetitive tasks
2. Digitizalization of data - as more and more employees are working remotely, it helps them to work with the data from anywhere
3. Providing resources to complete daily, weekly, or monthly closing work
4. Training your team to read financials and engage with the management team in making strategic decisions
5. By freeing up the daily task of transaction processing, they become more productive and provide customer satisfying solutions.
Whenever I talk to business owners, they have many pain points. We do not claim to remove all the pain points, but we help business owners to adopt the technologies to the best of their business needs. Some of the services we offer are

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - When we talk about RPA, we take many repetitive data tasks and automate them by building a process that uses RPA applications. This technology can run 24X7, and you can build multiple processes to run at different times. Some examples are Accounts Payable Automation, Customer invoice Automation, reconciliations, data entry, scrapping of medical records and entering into many Insurance systems, Extraction of data from the legacy systems, and many more. We also help you identify the processes that can be automated and increase the productivity of your time in a short period of time.
    Digitalization or ML/AI technology - There are many ways we can use it. We, at this moment us the OCR/ML technology to read the documents with fields or words and bring them to the end-user. It helps you to reduce the storage cost, built RPA to connect to it, and enter the data in various applications, and you can run your business approval process or share the data with vendors, clients, or auditors.
    Resources for Business - Not all transactions are related to data. We can automate many transactions, but decision-making power stays with humans as several factors affect it. In some cases, the business decisions have tested the times of many decades, and the answers are clearly defined in Yes or No. These decision-making situations can be automated using RPA. By bringing technological advantages to your business, we train your team to understand the relationship between numbers. The business results are affected by these numbers either in the current year or beyond a single year.
    Consulting Services - If you are in a business and it is growing, then at some point of time, you feel a need for a CFO/Controller to work with you to set processes, implement controls, help you to secure funding, guide you with your contracts, make sure that your team is ready to take the challenge. All this you wish by keeping your costs as low as possible. We have consultants available to work with you for as low as a few hours in a month or more. Our consultants have worked in many industries with a minimum of twenty-five to thirty-five years of experience.
    Uninterrupted Services - We offer uninterrupted services. Our team is available to provide support for our implementation, IT, or manual transaction processing services in a very timely manner.

Many business owners ask us again and again that our prices are going to be extremely expensive. Our answer to them is always we provide affordable and reliable solutions. We have many satisfied clients from many industries, and we always strive to provide the best possible solutions. Our team is here to hear from you. Please visit us at www.globalfinfocus.com or www.booksfellow.com. You can reach me at dhriajk@globalfinfocus.com. We understand your challenges, learn them and offer you a solution. If we can not provide a solution, we refer it to the right person and help you get the best solution out of them.

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