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We are transaction processing experts, and our team of professionals provides business

solutions and expertise in areas ranging from complete business reorganization to selective areas such as
handling your accounting functions, providing innovative robotic process automation and
artificial intelligence environment to capture, record and store data.


We use innovative technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to automate
your accounts payable process and many other business tasks to reduce cost, time, and bring
efficiencies. It helps people at all levels in the organization from Accountant to CFO by bringing
more visibility and time savings.


AI to capture vendor invoices

Capture the invoices by sending email, scanning, or from a dedicated folder. Use the OCR technology to read and extract the data from the invoices and eliminate the process of manual entry. View the data in a dashboard for use at any time.

Manage the approval Process

The data can flow between different tabs as per your approval process based on the dollar amount limits or any other rules of your organization. Invoice status lets you identify the stages of the document in the dashboard, and it can be new, processed, errored, duplicate, do not process and delete.

Automate with RPA

Once we capture the date with AI, we use Robotics Process Automate to enter the invoices into your ERP. We can automate 80 to 90% of the invoices into your ERP system. RPA process the matched invoices into the system and pushes the errored invoices for your team to review and resolve the issues.

Why You Should Choose Us

When you choose us, you’re working with an integration
firm with processing experts. You’re gaining a partner
who understands the ins and outs of business strategy, automation,
financial reporting and more.

A Proven System
A Proven System

Regardless of the service(s) you need, we follow the same intentional, sophisticated process that allows us to tailor your solutions and confirm that every system is fully functioning before the end of the project.

  • We start every partnership with a meeting to gain an understanding of your business, its current strengths and weaknesses, and your goals
  • We develop a plan of action by identifying the solutions you need and pair you with the appropriate team member
  • You’ll receive detailed updates about your service and full integration into your workplace. No change is implemented without comprehensive training and assessment from our team and yours.
  • Evaluate new systems for adjustment and make plans for more services or a scheduled check-up in the future to ensure everything is operating as planned.

Proven Client Success
Proven Client Success

Our success lies in the way we approach information, with three primary goals that produce positive results every time.

  • Capture Information: Our team collects data across departments {accounting, sales, HR and corporate) to craft your service(s) according to your business challenges and goals.
  • Process Information:  We design an effective plan of action for drafting, archiving and improving financial documents and data entry. Establish back office solutions to efficiently manage exceptions. Resolve problems with simple solutions.
  • Report Information:  Relieve stress with a clear, accurate picture of your company through innovative dashboards, financial statements, audit-ready books, KPIs, and monthly management reports.


Learn about our outsourced processing services for every business. We specialize in transaction matching and processing for clients in Office Furniture, CPA, Property Management, Retailers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Property and Casualty Insurance, Construction, Restaurants, and small to the medium-size business of any nature. Our team specializes in accounts payable matching and processing, acknowledgment matching and processing, WIP and Accrued Liability reconciliations (unique service to Contract Office Dealers), bank and credit card reconciliations, General Ledger Reconciliations, month-end closings, financial analysis, budgets and business plans.

What you get by outsourcing your work to us is time and cost savings, a pool of expert professionals, timely and efficient services, uninterrupted processing, audit-ready papers, and freedom from training and hiring new resources.

Merchant Processing

Save Thousands with our easy solution

      • Level 3 processing
      • No Long term contracts
      • Best customer service available
      • Integrated solutions – it fits your needs
      • Experts in industry processing

What you get by outsourcing your work to us is time and cost savings, a pool of expert professionals, timely and efficient services, uninterrupted processing, audit-ready papers, and freedom from training and hiring new resources.

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