Let us understand Automation using Robotic Process Automation Software

  • Jun 17 2022

 Many times, business owners ask me what I do or What I mean by Automation? When I talk about Automation, I am talking about using Robotic Process Automation Software. In the middle of 1950 to 1960, there was an industrial revolution. Over the next few decades, the industrial revolution gained momentum. It developed Robots for repetitive processes in many industries to increase production and cut the finished product cycle. The use of the term Robotic Process Automation can be dated to early 2000. Now to answer the question of what we call it in the business world. The more popular name is known as Bots. The RPA is a business process automation technology based on a software tool known as Bots. The RPA system develops a bot based on the step-by-step business process translated using bots. One of the most straightforward examples is the Automation of Accounts Payable Invoice. However, Automation is used in many industries, and other examples are

Banking and Finance Process Automation

Mortgage and Lending process

Customer Care Automation

eCommerce Merchandising Automation

Reporting of Financials and delivery of reports

Extracting data from one source to another source

Automation is a continuous process and can run 24X7. There are two types of bots known as attended and unattended bots. There are many advantages associated with each type of bots. Once the application is complete and runs through the bots, it can run without human intervention or human intervention. Whatever way it works, it does the work without error. The biggest misconception the businesses have today is about their pricing. Many vendors in the market have developed RPA software, and they cater to all sizes of companies. Please see the picture below as it provides a simple detail as to how it captures or retrieves the data from various sources, and then a bot application is built on it to run it continuously. To learn more about RPA methodologies, implementation, identifying the processes to automate or providing end-to-end solutions, contact us at info@globalfinfocus.com or book an appointment https://dhirajk-globalfinfocus.zohobookings.com/. Please visit our company website at www.globalfinfocus.com.

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