From Super Bowl to Accounting Nation

  • Jun 17 2022

 Every year from January to April 15, our nation becomes Accounting Nation. It is the time of year when businesses start with filing 1099’s, employers start issuing W-2, and then the companies start preparing the books for the accountants. At this time of the year, many businesses and accountants work long hours to complete the filing of many essential forms. We at GlobalFinFocus LLC, thank all businesses and Accountants who put endless hours to provide unmatched and valuable service to many of their clients. The stress of working long hours and completing all the jobs in a short period is increasing year by year. Visit our website to see how we can help businesses and accountants year around. Our time saving and cost-effective services and solutions let you SIMPLY FOCUS on managing your business. You can reach me via email at or call me at 860.805.7018. Visit our website at to know more about our services and solutions.

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