Remote Services are more viable due to Covid19 RPA and AI

  • Jun 17 2022

More and more businesses are learning and making moves to take their workforce to work remotely. There are many benefits to doing so. However, before they move a part of the workforce to work remotely, specific essential points need to be considered

  1. Access to the data
  2. Good Internet Connection
  3. Availability of computer

Out of the above three main points, we at GlobalFinFocus LLC help you to provide a solution to access data by using the latest technologies of OCR and presenting them in a structured way so your team can use it. It is useful for the following people in your organization

  1. Bookkeepers and Accountants
  2. Project Managers, Sales and Order Coordinators
  3. Acknowledgment Processing Team
  4. Auditors and many more

We create a process to capture the documents by creating workflows as per your process. The system we build is viable both for people working remotely or in the office. It is a proven system that increases efficiency and brings cost-savings to your organization.

Our team of experts can provide you transaction processing services where you can use only the digital capturing services and use it to process the documents. On the other hand, we can handle the transactions manually for you, or we can build an automation system to enter the transactions into your ERP system. Most of the time, many organizations are concerned about the cost of these systems. We have developed a solution to suit all sizes of businesses. Please visit us at or drop me an email at

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