Why small and midsized businesses shy away from automation

  • Jun 17 2022

Several factors contribute to challenges faced by many companies offering automation to small and midsized businesses. We will talk about a few of them here.

  1. Resistance to change
  2. Lack of knowledge
  3. Availability of Internal resources

Let us talk about each of them one by one. The first main criteria I mentioned is a Resistance to Change. There will always be a resistance to change to any new system or processes adopted by any organization. The data confirms that organizations that adopt technological changes at the early stages of growth see faster and stable growth in the coming years.

Lack of knowledge is the most crucial factor. Generally, businesses have no idea what an automation expert is talking about and how it will increase their business operations efficiency.  It is advisable to read about it before adopting new technology. There are many valuable resources available over the internet from various sources. It is an excellent idea to talk to the vendor and ask as many questions as comes to your mind about how the system will affect their business. Remember three things What, When, and How.

The last critical area is the unavailability of internal resources. Many businesses do not have the proper resources to identify the final rollout projects for effective automation implementation. Many stages are involved in completing such a project. Remember that many vendors know this and have internal resources that will help you overcome all these challenges. Have you ever thought about how big businesses adopt such changes with their inner resources? Sometimes they create an internal team to identify, develop, deploy, rollout, and support such processes, and the same team provides such support to many functions and departments in the organization. For your business to successfully take advantage of automation, ask your vendor to help you identify the projects.

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